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Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2024 (Latest Update)

Owning a home comes with its joys and responsibilities, but it also brings the potential for unexpected disasters.

Imagine a scenario where your home and belongings suffer significant damage due to unforeseen events like fires, storms, or theft.

Repairing and replacing everything could be financially overwhelming. This is where homeowners insurance steps in to offer protection and peace of mind.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a type of policy designed to safeguard your home and its structures, such as fences or garages, against various incidents and disasters. It also covers your personal belongings, like electronics or furniture, in case of loss, theft, or damage within your home premises. Additionally, you can opt for extra protection for valuable items such as jewelry, fine art, and professional equipment.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

When selecting a homeowners insurance provider, it’s essential to consider factors like coverage, accessibility, and savings opportunities. To help you make an informed decision, CNBC Select has evaluated numerous insurance companies to identify the best options for 2024.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2024

Best for Availability: Nationwide

Nationwide is a trusted name in the insurance industry, offering comprehensive coverage for home and property damages caused by theft, fire, and weather events. Policyholders can access various discounts, including those for protective devices and home renovations.

Best for Covering High-Value Assets: Chubb

Chubb’s Masterpiece policy caters to individuals with significant high-value items like fine art and jewelry. It provides comprehensive coverage for property damages, personal liability, and additional benefits such as fallen tree removal and electronic data restoration.

Best for Quick Claim Approval: Lemonade

Lemonade stands out for its swift claims processing, with simple claims often paid almost instantly. Policyholders can manage their insurance through the Lemonade app and enjoy flexible payment options, making it convenient and hassle-free.

Best for Military Members and Veterans: USAA

USAA offers specialized benefits for military members and veterans, including coverage for uniforms and equipment. Policyholders can access discounts for smart home devices and enjoy convenient online claim filing and tracking.

How Homeowners Insurance Works

Signing up for homeowners insurance involves selecting a coverage amount based on your needs and budget. You’ll pay a monthly premium, which can vary depending on factors like your location and the value of your property. In the event of a covered incident, you’ll pay a deductible upfront, and the insurance company will cover the remaining costs.


What does homeowners insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance typically covers damage to your home, personal property, liability claims, and additional expenses like temporary accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable.

What’s the difference between renters insurance and homeowners insurance?

Renters insurance covers belongings in a rented property, while homeowners insurance protects the building and its structures. Homeowners insurance is often required by lenders when buying a property.

How do you file a homeowners insurance claim?

The process for filing a claim varies by company but usually involves providing documentation such as photos and receipts.

Once approved, claim payouts can vary in timing.



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