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Free courses without matric in South Africa

Numerous courses are available for individuals without Matric, providing opportunities to acquire valuable qualifications and skills.

Child Day Care Courses

Consider enrolling in a Child Day Care course, which offers insights into a child’s developmental and learning phases. This course opens avenues for a fulfilling career.

Beauty Courses

Beauty courses, spanning hairdressing, cosmetics, body waxing, massaging, and eye lashing, offer diverse career paths. Individuals without Matric can excel as makeup artists or nail technicians, contributing to industries ranging from salons to television.

Management Courses

Lack of a Matric certificate should help pursue management courses. These courses provide a broad foundation in business-related topics, including marketing, leadership skills, and financial management.

Basic Computer Courses

A Basic Computer course equips individuals with essential computer skills, including interpreting computer language and utilizing tools like Microsoft Office. This course is ideal for those seeking higher qualifications without a Matric certificate.


Bookkeeping, essential for organizing and recording financial activities, offers a pathway to a crucial role in businesses. Individuals can provide accurate financial information, aiding business owners, managers, and investors in decision-making.

Creche Management Courses

Designed to impart skills in running and managing a creche, this short course focuses on the administrative aspects, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, financial handling, and overall facility management.

Tourism Management Courses

Consider a course in tourism management, specializing in Guest House or Lodge management. Gain essential housekeeping and supply management knowledge and explore opportunities as a tour guide.

Event Management Courses

Event management courses equip individuals with skills to run successful events. Whether employed at an events company or establishing an independent venture, these courses offer specialization options, including wedding planning, party planning, or corporate events planning.

Don’t let the absence of Matric limit your aspirations. Explore these courses to unlock a world of possibilities.



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