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Matric Upgrade | Duration | Mode of Payment

Only some achieve their desired results at the end of matric. Stress often impacts performance, leading to unsatisfactory outcomes.

Fortunately, a matric upgrade offers a second opportunity to excel in matric exams and pursue desired tertiary education.

Benefits of Online Matric

One advantage of Online Matric is the flexibility it provides. Students can work and study simultaneously, as they have the option to set their study schedule.

What is a Matric Upgrade?

A matric upgrade is a chance to revisit matric final exams, allowing the improvement of marks in specific subjects. After completion, the upgraded results and unchanged exam outcomes are consolidated into one certificate.

Applying for Matric Upgrade

Apply for a matric course at Matric College, offering distance learning in English. The institution ensures a seamless educational experience, prioritizing individual support and easy accessibility.

Duration and Payment

Duration of Matric Upgrade

A matric upgrade typically takes a year to complete. Some students opt for a two-year approach, focusing on half the subjects yearly to enhance study time. Notably, the fee remains the same for the two-year option.

Requirements for Matric Upgrade

To apply for a Matric Upgrade, meet the following criteria:

  • Completed matric final exams
  • Proof of exam results
  • Statement of previous matric results
  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Email address
  • Cell Number

Application Process

When Can I Apply?

Apply for a Matric Upgrade immediately upon receiving final matric exam results. Timely application ensures a spot in the matric upgrade for the respective year.

Subject Choices

Subject Options for Matric Upgrade

Choose subjects for the upgrade based on the need for improved marks or specific course requirements. The remaining three issues are flexible if there is a Home Language, Additional Language, and Mathematics (or mathematics literacy).

Exam Details

Exam Venue

Exams for the matric upgrade are conducted at the nearest venue to your residence. Matric College manages the planning and keeps you informed throughout the process.

Study Material

All necessary study materials, including textbooks, are provided upon registration and payment for the Matric Upgrade. These resources are accessible via laptop, phone, or tablet, allowing study from anywhere.

Exam Preparation

Prepare for exams with assistance from Matric College. Before the examination period, receive old exam papers for practice. Additional support is available after hours, including videos and extra study material. Online tutors provide the necessary guidance for success. Apply Here




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