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UBC Okanagan International Welcome Award

The UBC Okanagan International Welcome Award is a $5,000 award applied to international students’ first-year tuition at UBC Okanagan.

All international students who apply to UBC with a UBC Okanagan degree listed as their first choice and who are accepted and enrolled into their UBC Okanagan first-choice program will receive this award. The $5,000 award is a credit toward tuition fees for your first year of full-time study on the Okanagan campus. 50% of the award will be applied to Term 1 tuition, and 50% of the award will be used for Term 2 tuition.

The award is designed to welcome international students to the Okanagan campus and help you get the best possible start to your UBC Okanagan experience.


To be considered for the International Welcome Award, you must:

  • be a first-year international student,
  • select a UBC Okanagan degree listed as your first choice and
  • be accepted to UBC Okanagan and enrol in your first-choice degree.

How to apply

If you are accepted to UBC on your UBC Okanagan first-choice degree, this award will automatically be applied to your tuition fees



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