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NSFAS Bursary | How To Apply

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a South African government initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to eligible students for their tertiary education.

If you are considering applying for an NSFAS bursary, follow this detailed step-by-step guide to navigate the application process with ease.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Before diving into the application, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by NSFAS. Generally, applicants must be South African citizens, enrolled or intending to enroll at a public university or TVET college and meet the specific academic requirements.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents to support your application. These may include your South African ID, proof of your household income, your academic transcripts, and a signed consent form. Make sure to have these documents in digital format for online submission.

Step 3: Online Registration

Visit the official NSFAS website ( to register an account. Provide accurate personal details and create a strong password. Verify your email address to complete the registration process.

Step 4: Log In and Complete MyNSFAS Account

Once registered, log in to your MyNSFAS account. Fill in the required personal and academic information. Double-check the accuracy of the details provided.

Step 5: Apply for Funding

Locate the application tab on your MyNSFAS account and begin the funding application. Complete the online application form, providing details about your intended course of study, academic history, and financial situation.

Step 6: Upload Supporting Documents

Upload the necessary supporting documents as specified in the application form. Ensure that these documents are clear and legible.

Step 7: Submit Application

After completing the application and uploading the required documents, submit your NSFAS application. Take note of any reference or application numbers provided for future reference.

Step 8: Monitor Application Status

Keep an eye on your application status by regularly logging in to your MyNSFAS account. NSFAS provides updates on the progress of your application, and you may be required to provide additional information if needed.

Step 9: Await Feedback

NSFAS will assess your application, considering both academic performance and financial need. Successful applicants will receive notification of their bursary award, while unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the decision.

Step 10: Acceptance and Disbursement

If awarded the bursary, accept the terms and conditions outlined by NSFAS. The funds will be disbursed directly to your educational institution to cover tuition, accommodation, and other related expenses.



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