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MyNSFAS Account | NSFAS Login Portal

The NSFAS, or National Student Financial Aid Scheme, is a government initiative providing financial aid to South African students pursuing higher education.

NSFAS is a lifeline for students from modest backgrounds, covering more than just tuition fees. It includes financial support for registration, tuition, accommodation, transport, and books.

The information is accessible through the NSFAS portal, commonly known as the MyNSFAS student portal.

NSFAS Application Requirements

To qualify for NSFAS funding, your combined household income must be R350,000 or less per year, and you must be a South African citizen. The application process is typically done online through the MyNSFAS account, created on the official NSFAS website.

Creating a MyNSFAS Login Account

To start your funding journey:

  1. Visit the NSFAS website.
  2. Click on MyNSFAS and provide the necessary information.

Logging Into Your MyNSFAS Account

When logging in, use your South African ID number and the assigned MyNSFAS password. Keep your login details confidential to ensure account security.

NSFAS Application Process

The application process is entirely online, using the NSFAS online application form. Ensure you apply before the closing date and provide accurate information, including supporting documents like your ID and household income proof.

Checking Your NSFAS Application Status

After submission, use your MyNSFAS account to track your application status. Regularly check for updates and submit any requested documents promptly.

Understanding NSFAS Status Updates

NSFAS may have various status updates like ‘evaluation,’ indicating document verification. Keep a close eye on your MyNSFAS account for the latest updates.

Contacting NSFAS

For assistance or inquiries, you can reach NSFAS through various platforms:

  • Toll-free number: 0800 067 327
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Twitter: mynas
  • Instagram: mynas


  1. What is NSFAS?
  2. NSFAS is a government initiative providing financial aid to South African students for tertiary education.
  3. Who qualifies for NSFAS funding?
  4. South African citizens are pursuing studies at universities or TVET colleges with a household income below R350,000 per year.
  5. How do I apply for NSFAS funding?
  6. Apply online through the NSFAS website using the MyNSFAS account.
  7. What documents do I need for the application?
  8. ID copies, proof of income, and other supporting documents. Check the NSFAS website for specific requirements.
  9. How do I check my application status?
  10. Log in to your MyNSFAS account and navigate to the “Track Application Status” tab.
  11. Do I need to repay NSFAS funding?
  12. No, NSFAS funding is now a full bursary and recipients from 2018 onwards are not required to repay.
  13. Can I change my course if funded by NSFAS?
  14. Yes, inform NSFAS about the change to ensure adjustments to funding.
  15. Can I apply with a previous qualification?
  16. Generally, NSFAS is for first-time undergraduates. Postgraduates may be eligible in specific cases.
  17. What happens if my application is unsuccessful?
  18. You can appeal the decision with the necessary documentation and follow the guidelines on the NSFAS website.
  19. How many students does NSFAS support?
  20. As of January 2023, NSFAS received 1.5 million applications, with 613,000 provisionally funded applicants.

NSFAS Mastercard Account

NSFAS introduced a Mastercard account for bursary recipients, enhancing accessibility to allowances. Students are encouraged to register for the account, offering benefits like practical pre-work experience and business investment.



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