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Matric Exam Recheck/Marking

Candidates dissatisfied with their results can improve through a matric remark, recheck, and rewrite.

What is a Matric Recheck?

A matric recheck involves a thorough review of the exam paper to confirm proper marking and accurate calculation of marks.

What is a Matric Remark?

A matric remark entails a complete re-evaluation of the original answer script by a different marker if candidates believe their assigned marks do not align with their actual performance.

Applying for a Matric Remark/Recheck

Candidates can obtain application forms from the exam center or apply online through the Government’s Official e-Services Portal by following these steps:

  1. Visit the e-Services Portal.
  2. Click on the education icon.
  3. Select the Basic Education option, leading to several available choices.
  4. Choose Re-Mark/Recheck.
  5. Fill out all required fields in the online application, ensuring correctness.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions by checking the designated box (√).

Applications for matric remarks and rechecks close on 21 August. Candidates dissatisfied with the results can apply to view their script.

Matric Rewrites

Candidates unsatisfied with their results can undergo a matric rewrite involving a complete re-examination.

October/November Examination Opportunity

If dissatisfied, candidates can apply to rewrite the examination.

Candidates who wrote the Senior Certificate exams cannot apply for the 2023 October/November examination.

They must wait for the 2024 May/June examination. Registration for this opens from 2 October 2023 to 9 February 2024, available online or at the exam center or district office.



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