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Elias Motsoaledi Bursary: Requirement, How To Apply And Closing Dates

Elias Motsoaledi Bursary is a financial aid program aimed at supporting deserving students in their pursuit of higher education.

Established with the goal of promoting access to education, this bursary has specific requirements, an application process, and important closing dates that applicants need to be aware of.


1. Academic Criteria:
– Applicants are generally required to have a strong academic record. This may involve meeting a minimum Grade 12 average or equivalent, depending on the specific criteria set by the bursary program.
– Some bursaries may have specific academic requirements based on the field of study, so it’s important to carefully review the eligibility criteria.

2. Financial Need:
– The bursary often takes into consideration the financial background of applicants. It is typically targeted towards students facing financial constraints to ensure that those in need receive the necessary support.

3. South African Citizenship:
– In most cases, Elias Motsoaledi Bursary is available to South African citizens or permanent residents. Applicants may need to provide proof of citizenship or residency.

4. Field of Study:
– The bursary might be focused on specific fields of study. Applicants should confirm that their chosen course aligns with the designated areas supported by the Elias Motsoaledi Bursary.

Application Process:

1. Application Forms:
– Obtain the official application forms from the relevant authorities or the designated website. These forms can often be downloaded or requested.

2. Document Submission:
– Complete the application forms thoroughly, ensuring that all required information is provided. Additionally, applicants may need to submit supporting documents such as academic transcripts, proof of financial need, and identity documents.

3. Application Deadline:
– Pay close attention to the closing dates for application submissions. Missing the deadline may result in the application not being considered.

4. Submission Channels:
– Follow the specified submission instructions. Applications may be submitted online, via email, or through physical forms, depending on the application process outlined by Elias Motsoaledi Bursary.

Closing Dates:

The closing dates for Elias Motsoaledi Bursary applications are crucial. These dates are set to ensure that the selection process can be carried out efficiently. Applicants should be aware of these deadlines and plan their application submission accordingly.

It’s advisable to submit applications well in advance of the closing date to avoid any potential issues, such as technical difficulties or delays in document processing.



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