Bursaries in South Africa 2024

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Our mission is to gather as many bursary opportunities across South Africa as possible, making them easily accessible to students seeking financial support for their studies.

What Are Bursaries, and Who Can Apply?

Bursaries are financial support options for students who want to pursue or continue their tertiary education but face financial constraints. If you have a good academic record and need financial help, applying for a bursary could be the right choice.

These opportunities are available for matric students planning to enter university or college the following year and current tertiary students needing help covering their study costs.

Bursary Tips

  • How to write a bursary motivational letter
  • Preparing for a bursary interview
  • Calculating your APS Score for university admission
  • NBT tests for university entrance
  • Tips for submitting your bursary application
  • How to get free education in South Africa
  • Why working during university holidays (Vac Work) is beneficial, and companies offering vacation work

Bursary Categories / Fields of Study

We’ve simplified the bursary landscape into various categories, including but not limited to:

  • Accounting Bursaries
  • Arts Bursaries
  • Commerce Bursaries
  • Computer Science & IT Bursaries
  • Construction & Built Environment Bursaries
  • Education Bursaries
  • Engineering Bursaries
  • General Bursaries
  • Government Bursaries
  • Law Bursaries
  • MBA & Postgraduate Bursaries
  • Medical Bursaries
  • Science Bursaries

If your field needs to be listed, use the search bar on our platform to find the bursary that fits your study goals.

Common Bursary Questions and Answers

Who Qualifies for a Bursary?

Requirements vary, but common criteria include:

  • Being a South African citizen.
  • Being in Matric or having completed it.
  • Maintaining a strong academic record.
  • Studying or intending to study at a recognized South African tertiary institution.
  • Demonstrating financial need.

How to Apply for a Bursary?

Each bursary listing provides application instructions. Some require online applications, while others need downloaded forms submitted via email, fax, post, or hand delivery. Supporting documents are crucial and include ID copies, academic records, proof of tertiary application, a motivational letter, proof of income, and residence proof if specified.

What Expenses/Fees Does a Bursary Cover?

Bursaries can be partial or full. Partial covers a portion of expenses, while full includes tuition, examination fees, books, meals, accommodation, transport, and sometimes a laptop. Some providers also offer vacation work opportunities.

Do I Have to Pay Back a Bursary?

No, bursary recipients are not required to repay the funds. Some may ask for work at the sponsoring company post-graduation, providing mutual benefits.

How to Identify Legitimate Bursaries?

Legitimate bursaries don’t demand payment for applications. Submit forms to official email addresses, not free email accounts like Gmail. If you suspect a scam, inform us so we can investigate.

Where do you find bursaries for the 2024 academic year?

Please scroll through our list based on your field of study, follow application instructions, and apply for as many bursaries as you qualify for. Check the “All Bursaries Currently Open for Application” section for additional opportunities.